The Best Landscape Architecture In Sydney

Combining expert skills in botany, industrial design, soil science, geography and ecology, the best Sydney landscape architects create stylish outdoor spaces such as parks, public spaces and high-end residential developments.

New South Wales has an abundance of skilled landscape architects that create unique outdoor places that have enhanced the liveability and transformed the style of the Greater Sydney region. If you would like to discover some of Sydney’s most awarded outdoor spaces, read on and discover the story behind these iconic displays of modern landscape architecture.

Sydney Landsacpe Architects

Ballast Point Park – This 2.6-hectare park in the Inner West of Sydney offers an inspirational expression of design, art and poetry. One of the standouts of the park is the Tank 101, which is an impressive sandstone and concrete structure that harks back to the traditional industrial setting. Opened in July 2009 by the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, Ballast Point Park has a raw atmosphere that combines the natural beauty of the iconic harbour setting with interesting landscape architecture that adds a contemporary atmosphere. Ballast Point Park was created by McGregor Coxhall with CHROFI for the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority and has been recognised for the excellent display of urban adaption.

Victoria Park

Victoria Park – Conveniently located in Zetland, in the Inner West of Sydney, Victoria Park is an exquisite example of integrating parklands into high-density residential developments. With innovative water-sensitive urban design features, Victoria Park is regarded as one of the most significant works of Australian landscape architecture in the last decade. A collaboration between the NSW Government Architect’s Office and water engineers and scientists Tony Wong and Peter Breen, Victoria Park has been awarded as a class-leading example of overcoming flooding conditions to create usable green space in a densely populated residential location.

Hyde Park Pool Of Reflection -

Hyde Park Pool Of Reflection – A project of the Turf Design Studio and Environmental Partnership collaboration, the recent upgrade of the Hyde Park Pool of Reflection has enhanced this public space with subtle design innovations that blend perfectly with the original scope of the park. The long row of poplar trees adds elegance and a natural division that enhances the peaceful atmosphere of the park. The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects awarded the park in the 2017 Cultural Heritage category for its understated and refined approach to heritage.

The Hermitage

The Hermitage – In the 2017 NSW Landscape Architecture Awards, The Hermitage, a high-end residential property in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, was awarded in the Gardens category for its outstanding use of native and imported plants. Ideally located in a harbour setting, The Hermitage combines gentle lighting and premium quality architectural materials to create a unique landscape. The Hermitage is an excellent example of delicately fusing native and exotic species in lush, bold arrangements.

Three Sisters Track, Blue Mountains National Park -

Three Sisters Track, Blue Mountains National Park – With highly constrained conditions due to its location in a National Park, the Echo Point to Three Sisters path upgrade offers a subtle and carefully designed project that is able to cater for the over 600,000 visitors to the site each year. The project highlights the natural beauty of the setting while providing a stylish and accessible pathway.

Macquarie Street Mall Revitalisation

Macquarie Street Mall Revitalisation – The 2017 update of the Macquarie Street Mall is one of the best examples of landscape lighting in the Greater Sydney region. With a discreet use of accent light and well-lit trees, the Macquarie Street Mall is a great example of contemporary landscape architecture. With state-of-the-art colour changing lights, the atmosphere continually evolves creating depth and visual texture.

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