Window Cleaning

How To Clean Your Windows Faster

There are a lot of articles around highlighting how to clean your windows to ensure a streak-free finish, but there are not many posts that share how to clean your windows if you are just interested in blindingly fast speed.

Whether you have a heap of other jobs on your to-do list, or you just don’t want to spend any more time than is necessary, a lot of people would love to clean their windows in less time.

In this article, we are going to look at five points that are going to help you clean your windows with breakneck speed (no broken necks needed).

Microfibre Cloth Cleaning Technique

A speciality window cleaning microfibre cloth will dramatically reduce the time you need to sacrifice to clean your windows. All you need to do is dampen the cloth to ‘activate’ the fibres, and then wipe down the windows to remove any type of dirt. For best results, use vertical strokes starting from the top and working down. Keep folding the cloth to ensure that you are using a fresh side.

There is no doubt that this is the quickest way to clean windows, but the results can be slightly disappointing. To explain why think of cleaning dishes. If you cleaned your dishes with just a microfibre cloth, what would the results be like?

Of course, all of the dust would be gone, but there would be no shine. Dishwashing detergent is needed to break down the oils and leave that shiny finish that we desire on our glassware.

Likewise, the only way to have shiny streak-free windows is the traditional window cleaning method of using soapy water, an applicator and a squeegee.

But if you are more interested in simply having moderately clean windows in a fraction of the time, then, by all means, go ahead and try the microfibre cloth window cleaning technique.

Use A Professional Window Cleaner

The absolute fastest way to clean your windows is to get someone else to clean them. Sure this option might be the costliest, but if you are time-poor, then that does not really matter.

One of the keys to increasing your productivity is sorting the tasks that can be delegated and then transferring the task. Professional window cleaners, like Clean My Windows, provide quick and efficient window cleaning services with minimal interruption to your schedule. They have height access equipment that allows them to safely clean your windows, and they know the proper window cleaning techniques for cleaning tinted windows.

Obtain a free window cleaning quote online, book in an appointment and leave the window cleaning to the pros. There is no more rapid way to clean your windows than using the window cleaning Sydney experts.

Keep Your Windows Cleaner For Longer

If your windows do not get dirty, then there is no need to clean them. So is there a way to keep the windows in your Sydney apartment or home cleaner for longer?

Maybe not inviting your grubby little nephews over is the key, but a sustainable option that is not going to put you offside with your family is actually your air-conditioner. When was the last time that you changed/cleaned the dust filter in your air-con? If the interior of your windows seems to be getting dirty too fast it could be that your air-conditioner is not properly filtering the dust, dirt and pollen. Many homeowners are stunned to find out the difference that cleaning their air filters monthly has on the amount of dust that is dispersed throughout their house.

Clean Your Windows On A Cloudy Day

The hotter the day the faster the water will evaporate off the face of your windows. By cleaning your windows on an overcast day you will be able to smoothly wipe the squeegee over the glass and won’t leave any streaks.

If you clean your windows on a bright sunny day you might get a better tan, but it generally takes much longer to clean the windows as you have redo windows as they will be covered in streaks. Clean your windows on cloudy days and spend the sunny days at the beach.

Keep Your Window Cleaning Equipment In One Bucket

If window cleaning was a race, when would you start the timer? When the soapy water hits the window? No, it would be when you start to gather your window equipment as this is part of the process of cleaning the windows.

So keep all of your window cleaning equipment ready to go in one bucket. Once you finish cleaning the windows clean your equipment and leave it ready to use next time. The less time that it takes to gather your equipment together, the faster that you will be able to complete the job.

As with all home maintenance tasks, it is important to consider safety. There is no point shaving a few seconds off your window cleaning if it means it puts you at risk of falling out of your apartment window, stretching your back or slicing your hand on a sharp edge.

Follow the above suggestions to clean your windows faster, but never compromise on safety.

Come and discover how to clean hard to reach windows safely.