An Easy Guide To Roof Anchor Point Installation In Sydney

OH&S legislation is never fun. So if you are looking for a simple guide to roof anchor point installation in Sydney, this is the guide for you.

What Is A Roof Anchor Point?

A roof anchor point is a key component of a fall arrest system. Acting as an anchorage point between a line attached to a worker and a stable platform.

Who Can Install Anchor Points?

Only qualified installers are permitted to install roof anchor points in New South Wales. Not only do licensed installers know which type of anchor points will best suit the specific requirements of a property, but they can also inspect and evaluate the load-bearing capacity of the rafter the anchor point is being installed on.


What Australian Standards Affect Anchorage Points?

Anchor points need to comply with the strength requirements of AS/NZS 1891.4. SafeWork NSW provides updated information on current standards and legislation.

What Is An Energy Absorbing Anchor Point?

It is not the fall that kills you, it is the sudden stop. When a height safety system arrests the fall of an individual, it can be a sudden and violent deceleration. Energy absorbing anchor points reduce the sudden deceleration of the arrest. Energy absorbing anchor points can only be used once, but the reduction in the violence of a fall can make the system much safer for workers.

What Anchor Point Should You Choose?

The goal of choosing roof anchor points is to not only meet current legislation but also provide an easy to use anchorage system to ensure that workers want to use the system. When you are deciding on an anchor point, there is no shortage of options. A professional anchor point installer can help you identify the features that you require for your property.

Anchor Point Installation

What Is A 360-Degree Anchor Point?

If you are looking for an easy way to reduce the number of anchor points you need to install, you are going to love 360-degree anchor points. By allowing a worker to work in a 360-degree field, fewer anchors are needed. To see if a 360-degree anchor is suitable for your roof, contact a professional roof anchor point installer.

How Can I Find A Highly Recommended Anchor Point Installer In Sydney?

tredRITE is a height safety company that is passionate about surpassing the expectations of every client. Experienced technicians that install innovative fall arrest systems. With a wide range of positive customer testimonials from residential and commercial clients in the Greater Sydney region, tredRITE has the experience, expertise and staff to complete your project right the first time.

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