Urinal Cake

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Urinal Cakes

Carrot cake, cheesecake and urinal cakes.

One of these is not like the others.

Urinal cakes, also known as urinal blocks, are one piece of cleaning equipment that never shows up in the female toilet block. So what are they and what do they do?

Here is everything you ever wanted to know about urinal cakes.

What Is A Urinal Cake?

Looking a bit like a hockey puck, urinal cakes are designed to keep urinals free of foul smells. There is a massive range of urinal cakes in all different shapes, sizes and smells. Some are made of hazardous chemicals and reek. In fact, they can make a public toilet smell even worse.

Thankfully, there is also a wide range of urinal blocks that are made from non-carcinogenic materials that have a pleasant fragrance.

Urinal Cakes is an Australian company that offers a range of urinal cakes, urinal mats and urinal cleaners. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the long-lasting blocks prevent blockages, while also eliminating stinky smells so that you do not have to block up your nose in the male bathroom.

How Do Urinal Cakes Work?

When urine dries in a urinal it creates a great environment for bacteria to grow. Urinal blocks destroy the bacteria caused by urine, thereby preventing stale urine smells. Additionally, by actively reducing uric scale buildup, these nifty little blocks prevent blockages caused by the buildup of uric scale and other solids in the pipes. As urinal blocks are water soluble, they clean the pipes as they are flushed down the pipes.

How Can You Get The Most Value Out Of Urinal Cakes?

Don’t just buy the cheapest urinal blocks, or you will end up paying more in the long run. Some budget urinal blocks will just last a few weeks before they are dissolved away. Spend a little more on quality urinal blocks and not only will they last longer, but they will be more effective at eliminating uric buildup so you will not have to spend thousands on an emergency plumber call out.

Urinal Cake

What Is The Best Way Of Keeping Your Urinal Clean?

Urinal cakes are excellent at dissolving uric scale, but there are some other products that can help you keep your urinals clean and free of blockages.

Urinal Mat 2.0Urinal Mats- Flat and super flexible with enzymes that eliminate odours, urinal mats stop hair, paper and chewing gum. Can they be used in conjunction with urinal cakes? Absolutely! In fact, that is when they work best. If you want to find out what are the very best urinal mats, do a bit of research on Wave 2.0 Urinal Mats.

Urinal Cleaners – Mats and blocks won’t clean every surface of the urinal, so it is important to invest in a strong urinal cleaner to ensure that any sneaky spots are thoroughly cleaned.

Don’t let your urinals give you a headache, from either the smell or expensive blockage repairs.

To explore the complete range of urinal cleaning supplies, be sure to check out the Urinal Cakes website.

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