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Winter arrives leaving fall behind, but the leaves remain all over the place. While they provide a nice romantic scene for couples, others struggle to get rid of the leaves.

The problems with the leaves

No matter how pretty the leaves in fall are, the more there are, the more problems you got. From capturing moisture and producing mould, to blocking your gutters in preparation for a disastrous rainy season. Have you ever wondered how important it really is to clean your gutters before winter? Do you know the problems that blocked gutters can create in your house? And are you aware of the risks involved in cleaning your gutters on your own? You can easily get rid of these questions by hiring gutter cleaning services in Brisbane, but for the sake of information, read what follows so that you can be better prepared for the coming winter.

The role of gutters

Gutters play a vital role in the protection of your house. Gutters are not there just to make water flow with style, it has a real purpose which is to drive the water away from the foundations and walls of your property. Why is that necessary? When water runs or collects around your walls, it will eventually find a way through your wall. Of course, we are talking about tiny amounts of water that would leak into your house, so tiny that you wouldn’t even notice! However, that small amount is enough to create moisture inside the walls, in a dark place, giving mould a perfect opportunity to develop.

It doesn’t take long for mould to spread inside the walls. It makes progress inside the dark and moist atmosphere while it is unseen by those inside the house. Eventually, the mould becomes visible as tiny dark spots on the inside of the house. When you see it, it means it is already too late. Visible dark spots of mould are the tip of the iceberg, it shows you a glimpse of all the damage done inside of the walls. When the mould appears, it can be very dangerous for your health, especially if you have respiratory allergies. Cleaning it off the wall will work but only as a temporary solution, it will appear again. To remove it, you must treat the wall through a process that can be incredibly expensive.

How can you avoid all of this? Simply put, maintenance. Keeping your gutters clean and in good condition will ensure that water flows away from your property, preventing the water from collecting around the walls.

How can you clean your gutters?

Cleaning your gutters seems to be an easy task, “Just get up there and remove the dead leaves with your hands and done deal!”. However, that’s easier said than done. Cleaning gutters is not the simplest, but it is not the safest either. There are so many risks involved in working at heights to remove the dirt and dead leaves, that you can easily have an accident that could cost your life. So what can you do?

They say money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy safety! Hiring gutter cleaning services in Brisbane would spare you from all the risks involved in cleaning your gutters, and it would give you perfect results! So why not consider the option of hiring a professional team of gutter cleaners?

In Brisbane, you will find many teams that are dedicated to gutter cleaning. However, not all of them are experts, and not all of them do gutters maintenance as well. Teams like gutter maintenance can help you with cleaning your gutters and reviewing the conditions of your gutters, doing the necessary fixes if needed. Why not give them a call?

Prepare your house for winter today! Avoid the problems of blocked gutters by calling the team at Gutter maintenance now!

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