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How To Wash Your Fitness Clothing

Do you push it to the limit every single workout? Are you so focused on setting a new PB you are covered in bucketloads of sweat? Do you train so intensely that you have sweat running down your back as you sprint that final 100 meters? When you reach your door are you struggling to stand up as your breathe heavily and fight that lactic acid burn?

Normally the first thing you want you to do is collapse onto the floor, but you know better so you drop into some deep stretches.

Maybe you reflect and think about what you want to do better next time, where you want to push harder and how you are going to do it. But do you think about your fitness clothing?

Modern activewear manufacturers invest heavily in creating breathable fabrics that help you maintain your core temperature by wicking away sweat and keeping you dry. Not only are they comfortable but they look stylish as well.

So before you crash onto the couch, it is time to think about how you are going to wash your fitness clothes to ensure they do not end up smelling rank.

Fitness clothing is crafted from unique materials so you can not just wash it like the rest of your garments.

So to ensure your sports tops and exercise pants don’t reek, follow these simple steps and you will be feeling and smelling as fresh as a daisy.


Step 1 – Flip It & Whip It

Where do you sweat on your workout clothes? If you are exercising intensely enough, hopefully everywhere. But if you think about it from a practical standpoint the sweat and dead skin cells are rubbed and perspired from our filthy bodies onto the inside of the clothing. So to ensure that you can attack the dirtiest parts of the fitness clothing, be sure to flip your clothes inside out before you wash them.

Step 2 –¬† Rinse & Wash

Most of our clothing is not actually that dirty before we throw it in the washing machine, but exercise clothing is an exception. Whether you are lying on a mat in a gym, running through the forest or bumping into other players on a court, your exercise clothing is filthy by the time you get home. So it actually needs a quick rinse before you even start the washing process.

Step 3 – Use Detergent & Cool Water

Hot water will not actually kill the bacteria it will just shrink your fabrics. The heat will actually just make the odours funkier. You need detergent to remove the bacteria, dead skin cells, grease, grime and oils from the fibres in order to eliminate foul smells. So purchase a high-quality detergent and wash thoroughly. Sometimes you may even need to wash the clothes twice to ensure you end up with clean garments. Don’t put your exercise clothes in the dryer unless the manufacturer explicitly states that the clothes are safe for putting in a dryer.

Also, don’t forget to clean your protein shaker out thoroughly as soon as you use to ensure that you do not get any funky mould growth in there.

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