Whirlybirds – The Easy Way To Save Electricity & Save $$$

Whirlybirds on a roof in Sydney

Are rising electricity costs causing you stress and grief?

When summer heatwaves hit Sydney, are you sweating not only over the extreme heat but also the amount of electricity you are using?

The Bureau of Meteorology just declared 2018 as Australia’s third-hottest year on record.

Amazingly, the year that 2018 overtook to reach third place, was the year previous, 2017.

The second was 2005.

The warmest year on record was 2013.

If you feel like each summer is getting a little bit hotter, you are not imagining it.

The Bureau Of Meteorology Climate and Weather Report for 2019 predicts there will be a few more heatwaves to go in summer.

You don’t have to swelter any longer, you just have to make a few simple changes to ensure you can create a comfortable environment in your home.

Step 1. Install a whirlybird

Step 2. Feel comfortable and save electricity

Growing up in suburban Sydney, we are all well accustomed with those spinning roof ventilators on homes and offices. Some of them squeak in the wind. A number of them never rotate at all, even in strong winds.

How Many Whirlybirds Does My House Need?

So do whirlybirds really work?

It depends on which whirlybird you choose.

If you settle on an imported whirlybird made of inferior metal that uses plastic bearings, then you are wasting your money!

The bearings warp in the heat and will not function properly after a season or two. This leads to the iconic whirlybird squeak as they rotate in the breeze. Once the bearings seize up, they will not rotate even in strong winds.

So if you buy the wrong whirlybird, you are wasting money. But what if you buy the right whirlybird?

If you purchase a whirlybird that has been designed and tested for Australian conditions and manufactured out of premium materials you are investing in a product that will keep your house cool year after year.

Twista whirlybirds are widely regarded as Sydney’s best whirlybirds. They have been custom-designed to provide excellent value for money and durability. Utilising two reinforced steel bearings, the roof ventilators provide class-leading performance in the most intense environments.

Internals Of Whirlybirds

The unique construction and design of Twista whirlybirds ensure they actively exhaust heated air from your roof cavity which in turn cools the temperature of your interior. The result is a cooler and more comfortable environment in your home or office. You will not need to rely on the air conditioner as much, which will significantly slash your electricity bills.

Saving money, while feeling more comfortable, why wouldn’t you install some roof ventilators on your roof?

Cheap and simple to install, whirlybirds use convection and wind forces to keep your house cool in summer and dry in winter. By promoting airflow during the colder months, you can reduce mould growth and create a healthier environment in your home during those long wet winters.

Twista whirlybirds offer a fast, convenient and professional installation process on their range of premium-quality roof ventilators. If you have been suffering during some of the recent heatwaves that have hit Sydney, now is the time to contact Twista and organise the installation of whirlybirds for your roof.

To explore the benefits of a whirlybird for your property, visit the Twista website today. Not only does the website provide a range of guides and helpful advice, but it also has some online specials that can save you some serious cash.

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