Urinal Block & Maintenence

Have you ever been to the toilet in a bar, restaurant, hotel, service station etc. and seen those little blue blocks in the urinal? Yes, it is called a urinal block. Ever wondered what goes into making one of those and why they are so effective at eliminating bad odours? No! I am going to tell you anyway, ha. This genius of an invention is often used alongside a urinal mat and urinal cleaner to combat bad smells. Not only that, but they disinfect and so help to keep the place more sanitary.

What is a urinal block?

As mentioned already, a urinal block is a deodorizer used in urinals to help prevent bad odours. It is usually a small block of plastic or wax that is placed at the bottom of the urinal. The first patented version of a urinal cake was produced in 1922. They interfere with the bacteria of the ammonia concentration in the urine. This helps to reduce the smell. Most urinal blocks contain para-dichlorobenzene, which is a human carcinogen.

P-Dichlorobenzene is a colourless to white crystalline solid and it has a strong, pungent odour. Due to its carcinogenic effects, some places have banned the use of para-dichlorobenzene toilet blocks. Even though many places still allow the use of them, it is widely recognised as a potential health risk. If you are looking to buy urinal blocks, we strongly recommend buying benzene-free ones. In Australia, they can be bought from online suppliers such as Urinal Cake at urinalcake.com.au.

What is a urinal mat?

A urinal mat is a mat usually made of plastic or rubber designed to reduce odours and prevent debris from going down the pipe. They also help to prevent splashback. Most of the smells that come from a toilet are due to dried urine on the floor, not the actual urinal. All modern urinals have automatic flushers and so are relatively clean, especially if they have a urinal block inside. It is the urine that splashes on the floor or wall that causes most of the bad odours.

Another benefit of urinal mats is they prevent blockages. We have all seen the things people put in public urinals – chewing gum, rubbish and worse. Urinal screens prevent those things from going down the drain, which can lead to a clogged pipe. This can save you money on expensive plumber bills in the long run.

What is urinal cleaner?

Urinal cleaner is a chemical used to clean and deodorize urinals. It is usually a disinfectant or bleach solution and may contain a surfactant to help clean deeper and remove bacteria. There are many brands of urinal cleaners, but the best are those that are pH neutral. This helps to prevent damage to the plumbing system. In addition, biodegradable products are best because they have a less negative impact on the environment.

Who is the best supplier of urinal blocks in Australia?

Many companies in Australia supply urinal blocks, urinal mats and urinal cleaners. However, there is one that stands out. Urinal Cake is Australia’s leader in urinal cakes. Their urinal blocks dissolve in water rather than crystallise, leading to blocked drains. They also reduce uric scale, which clears your bathroom drains. Their urinal block does not contain benzene and is non-carcinogenic.

Urinal Cake is an Australian-based firm, and its products are made in Australia. They have extensive experience cleaning urinals all over Sydney and New South Wales. There isn’t anything they don’t know about keeping urinals clean. To top it all off, they also offer free shipping throughout Australia on boxes of 10, 50 or 100 urinal cakes. Check out their site today: http://www.urinalcake.com.au.