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Want To Build The Ultimate CrossFit Home Gym/Box? Here Are The 13 Things You Need!

Have you got the bug?

Do you know Fran, Cindy and Murph? If you know the names of these famous CrossFit workouts, then you are probably keen to create your own Crossfit gym/box at home.

CrossFit has taken over the fitness world. CrossFit gyms (or boxes) have opened up all over Australia in a vast array of sizes. But there is no doubting at the popularity of CrossFit in Australia. Currently, the world’s leading female CrossFit athlete is Australian Tia-Clair Toomey, which will only increase the popularity of CrossFit.

One of the reasons why CrossFit has overtaken so many other forms of fitness in the past few years is that it is so easy to perform at home, in your garage or even on your apartment balcony. Every day on the official CrossFit website there is a new WOD (Workout Of The Day) that you can complete with minimal equipment.

So to get you started, here are 15 essential items to help you to build your own CrossFit home gym. For the best rates on professional CrossFit equipment visit the CrossFit Equipment Australia website.

CrossFit Gym

1. Kettlebells

The key to buying good kettlebells is searching for “Competition Kettlebells”. It does not matter the weight, competition kettlebells are the same size. Traditional cast iron kettlebells vary in size depending on the weight. Competition kettlebells allow you to use the same form, no matter the weight which can improve your performance and prevent injuries.

2. Dumbbells

In years gone by, dumbbells were not used much in CrossFit workouts, but they are increasingly being used since being introduced in the CrossFit Open. One of the advantages of dumbbells is that they are great for identifying and treating any asymmetries. Purchasing quality dumbbells will be an investment that you will never regret.

3. Squat Rack

There is a massive array of squat racks and power racks on the market, the key is finding one that suits the size requirements of your space and your budget. Don’t forget to take into consideration the height, depth and width. Remember to ensure you have enough space on the sides of the rack so that you can easily load weights onto the bar which will overhang past the rack. In order to maximise the usability of the squat rack in a small space, it is worth investigating what accessories can be attached to the rack, such as a pull-up bar, weight bench, dip bar and weight storage pins.

Strength Equipment

4. Olympic Barbell

If there is one piece of equipment you don’t want to skimp on it is your barbell. This needs to be one strong and durable piece of kit. It has to handle heavyweight Olympic lifts, power lifts and more. Ensure that your barbell is Olympic standard, with medium knurl, low whip and durable bushings.

5. Bumper Plates

Not only will having a large range of bumper plates ready to go ensure that you can maximise the efficiency of your workout it will also boost your inspiration when you see them all on the rack. Choose bumper plates that are made from durable Polyurethane. Not only will high-quality polyurethane not tear, mould or fall apart it also bounces back less than rubber bumper plates.

6. Bench

One of the best ways of getting your bench press stronger is choosing a commercial bench. The extra width and support behind your shoulders will ensure that you are not pushing, but actually pressing from your back, making your movement far stronger. Ideally, you would have a flat bench and an adjustable bench, but if you can only choose one then you will be better off having an adjustable bench.

7. Rings

Gymnastic rings are the perfect item for increasing shoulder stability and strength. The best gymnastic rings that professionals prefer are wood rings. The feel of wood rings improves with age when properly maintained. Plastic rings can be slippery, but they are more durable and affordable. But if you plan on really improving your shoulder strength, pull-ups on wood Olympic rings will have you smashing your personal bests in no time.


8. Concept 2 Rower

The Concept 2 Rower is the best selling rowing machines in the world for good reason, they are extremely durable and provide a superior rowing experience. They are not cheap, but if you can only get one cardio machine for your home gym, this is the frontrunner. There are a number of models of the Concept 2 Rower, so choose the model that best suits your budget and competitive needs.

Viper Speed Rope

9. Jump Rope

Skipping ropes are used in playgrounds, jump ropes are used in professional CrossFit workouts. Lightweight handles are essential as it is your arms that will wear out before your legs. Choose a jump rope that has a nylon coating as they are tougher and higher performing than a vinyl coating. Smooth bearings will ensure that you can keep surpass your previous records and get in a few more double-unders each workout.

10. Plyometric Box

Most CrossFit WODs require a 24” or 30” height plyometric box, but you should start at a height that is safe and then progress when you are comfortable. Wooden boxes are popular in professional CrossFit gyms but soft stackable plyometric boxes are a better option for your home gym as if you don’t make the height on the final jump of your workout you will not graze your shins on the box.

11. Battle Rope

Get your heart burning with a battle rope workout. Choose at least a 2” thick battle rope to combine the best durability and weight. Battle ropes are available in a wide range of lengths. Measure the longest length of your home gym to establish the best rope length for your training environment.

12. Medicine Ball

Commercial medicine balls are great value as they are durable enough to handle the intense rigours of a CrossFit workout. High-quality rubber medicine balls are designed to be bounced and slammed so they are a great long-term investment. Choose a range of weights to ensure you can increase the progression of your workouts.

13. Bluetooth Speaker

This is one item that can add some serious intensity to your workouts. Sure you can buy some wireless Bluetooth headphones but there is still greater freedom to be able to have nothing attached to you. Having some bone-rattling bass is sure to get you to get those last few reps out.CrossFit Equipment Australia

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